It's now fall here in the Anaheim area which means it's time to make the most of automotive maintenance by taking advantage of our new Subaru service specials!

Say it with us: "Subaru service specials"! It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? That's what logophiles and English professors call euphonic phrasing. (It's also alliterative, of course). But no matter how pleasing the phrase sounds, or how nice its ring is to your inward ear as you read what we're writing just now, nothing will sound (or feel) as good as the ringing of extra coins in your pocket after you've shopped smart by browsing our Subaru service specials. Nothing that is, except for maybe the way your Subaru will sound (and feel) driving it throughout Orange County near Irvine after it's had service performed!

The Fall Season is the perfect time for Automotive Service

Why service your vehicle in time for the fall season? Now that the weather's slowly cooling down here in the Lake Forest area, You're probably looking to do more with your Subaru. From rounding up your friends for a night at the Improv Comedy Club to hitching your bike up to your Subaru to make the most of the weather, to driving your kids to and from school, chances are you're going to need to rely on your Subaru more this season. Make sure you can do that confidently by keeping up-to-date with all required maintenance and suggested services, and save money in the process with our fall service specials!

Book Automotive Service Today

To book your next Subaru service appointment near Tustin or Laguna Niguel, schedule service online 24/7 here! Don't hesitate to reach out to us online or by phone with any questions you have. In the meantime, enjoy the fall weather!