If you're a driver that had a vehicle damaged or lost during the California Wildfires, Subaru of America is here to help! We're proudly offering drivers that had a vehicle damaged or lost during the California Wildfires $500 toward the purchase or lease of any new 2018/2019 model year Subaru vehicle. Subaru LOVES to help! We're constantly looking for ways to show drivers not just why buying a Subaru vehicle is a sound mechanical investment, but why it's a loving one, too! Subaru is committed to spreading the love! The Subaru Love Promise is an initiative that was made in hopes of making the world a better place. That may sound bold but it's true! From pets to the earth, learning, care, and help - Subaru is working to help the world!

  • Subaru Loves the Earth: Working to preserve the great outdoors.
  • Subaru Loves to Care: Aiming to give as many people a chance to lead a healthy life.
  • Subaru Loves to Help: Working to help organizations that help neighbors and community members in need.
  • Subaru Loves Learning: Working to make the pursuit of knowledge available to as many minds as possible.
  • Subaru Loves Pets: Committed to keeping animals safe and healthy - at home and in the wild/

Learn more about the Subaru Vehicle Assistance Program!

Whether you're a Lake Forest or Anaheim driver affected by the California Wildfires, check to see if you qualify for the Subaru Vehicle Assistance Program! Orange Country near Irvine drivers and any other drivers affected by the California Wildfires are welcome to see if they quality, as well. If you're completely unsure about whether you qualify, Tustin and Laguna Nigeul drivers are more than welcome to visit our dealership located in Lake Forest, CA to speak with a team member.

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