Are you a Lake Forest or Orange County driver in the market for a vehicle but you're unsure about whether you should buy a new or used vehicle? It's an understandable question. What's the appeal of the used vehicle and vis versa. We'll start with the used vehicle and move to the new vehicle.

Why Buy Used?

The short answer is depreciation. Used vehicles have already taken their biggest depreciation hit, which means that drivers that buy a used car will be likely be buying a vehicle that will retain its value better than a new vehicle. The upside of that being that you could potentially sell back the vehicle closer to what you bought it for. The down side of the used vehicle is that, well - it's used! However, drivers can look to a vehicle history report to determine the history of the vehicle. Now, on to the new vehicle!

Why Buy New?

It's a brand-new vehicle, fresh from the factory with no previous owners! New vehicles are a good option for people who are looking for a reliable vehicle that won't have any sudden issues. Plus, it had the new car smell! With new cars drivers will often put down more money, which in turn gives them lower interest rates. Additionally, insurance rates are generally lower on new cars. Buying new also means you're getting the latest tech, comfort, and performance features! That might equate to better gas mileage and in the long run, more money saved.

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